My Approach

lotus_photo_free_shrunkThe lotus flower grows from the muck at the bottom of the pond, ever-aspiring upwards towards the light of the sun, to emerge perfect and whole.  Existing in depth and darkness is its foundation.  Rooted to the earth, while reaching for the sky.

I believe that we all share these humble beginnings, along with an innate striving towards our ultimate truth.  The truth of our wholeness.  We are here to experience this wholeness as fully as possible…wholly embracing the depth of our darkness and light.

I am here to accompany you along this journey, providing love, support, and guidance.  I am grateful to have explored and experienced various diverse healing modalities over the past twenty years and thankful for their resourcefulness in my work.  I prefer to work humbly and with presence, allowing guidance to be created from within the client/practitioner connection and the wisdom that resides there.

Together with these vast resources, intuition, presence and client participation, healing can take place on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It is my pleasure to meet you wherever you are, in all moments.


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